Meet Our Team


Capt. Brendan is the owner/operator of Sound Bound Fishing Fleet. Brendan runs both day and night trips aboard the vessels, he is a seasoned fisherman with 20 years of experience fishing along the East Coast. His favorite fish to target are Blackfish, Striped Bass, and Fluke. Brendan personally handles each phone call to ensure customer satisfaction when booking your trip and is there to meet each boat at the beginning or end of each trip. Capt. Brendan and the crew of Sound Bound Fishing Fleet are also lifelong friends that have fished together for many years. In recent years Capt Brendan has put together a master crew to fish the Long Island Sound.


Capt. James is known for his bottom fishing skill and outstanding personality, his presence is felt once you step foot aboard the vessel. James can be found running the boats out of New Rochelle for Porgies all Spring and Summer, come Fall James can be found running the Sound Bound III for Blackfish out of Brooklyn. James brings with him a wealth of fishing knowledge both inshore and offshore. James favorite fish to target is Blackfish and fishes side by side with everyone to help them land more fish. James and Brendan met 15 years ago aboard a fishing trip and instantly became friends.


Capt. Dave has been with Brendan since the beginning and has created lasting relationships with the customers. He has been an essential key to the growth of Sound Bound Charters. Dave, being an expert angler inshore as well as offshore is well versed in all species and can find fish just about anywhere! Dave can be found on Bass and Fluke trips in the Spring. Dave’s favorite fish to target is Fluke, and knows just where to be at the right time through years of experience. Dave is the Captain aboard the Sound Bound Too when it goes to Rhode Island in the Fall targeting Tog(Blackfish) & Cod where he positioned the vessel over countless Double Digit fish.


Capt. Danny, Brendan’s brother is the main Night Capt. for Sound Bound. From the moment you step foot on the vessel till you depart, Danny treats you like family. Danny’s “never give up” attitude has paid off countless times as he kept the boats out into extra innings to put a catch together. Experienced in  fishing the Sound his entire life Capt Danny will get you on the fish. He knows what locations and certain tides that produce the best bite, and it shows as 40 to 50lb Bass are landed on a Daily basis. Be prepared when you jump aboard to also have a ton of laughs with this Capt.

CAPT. Nick

Capt. Nick and Brendan are childhood friends that grew up fishing together. Nick runs both day and night trips, and is well versed in all species. Nick enjoys customers reactions while they are wrestling Gator Blues to the boat! During the season you will find Capt Nick on the water more than on land. Nick has a vast knowledge of the local area as he is a commercial fisherman, like the rest of his family. Nick is valuable as he helps Brendan with the daily maintenance aboard all 3 vessels.


Capt. Andrew and Brendan grew up working on boats together. Andrew can be found running day and night trips, especially in the Spring for Striped Bass. Andrew has vast knowledge of what areas and bottom produces Big Bass with a lifetime of experience fishing The Long Island Sound. Capt. Drew’s speciality is Fluke fishing fishing and is outstanding with children. He loves to pass on his knowledge of the area to every customer on board including the kids! Andrew helps with the daily maintenance and upkeep of all 3 vessels.


Capt. Pete met Brendan years ago on a fishing trip. Pete can be seen running trips all year long in New Rochelle and Brooklyn. Pete enjoys fishing right alongside customers and helping them land fish after fish. Pete runs Day and Night trips aboard all 3 vessels. He enjoys running the boat for Fluke and knows how to fill the coolers up! Pete can also be found on aboard the Spring Bass trips from Brooklyn.

1st Mate Brown

1st Mate Brown and Brendan met 20 years ago working deck together on a Flounder trip. Brown being one of the top mates in The Long Island sound is nothing short of spectacular. With his years of experience and vast knowledge of the area. He creates an atmosphere on the trip unlike no other. His upbeat personality is felt on the vessel and he knows just how to get everyone excited and smiling. He has spent his lifetime working on various vessels on the water. Brown oversees all the deckhands and makes sure everyone’s day goes smoothly in the most professional way!


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