What is Sound Bound?
Sound Bound is a Fleet of Fishing Boats that operate nearly year-round out of New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Rhode Island. Family Owned and Operated, Sound Bound Fishing started with one 32' Boat 9 Seasons ago, and has grown into a 3 Boat Fleet operating Day & Night. Sound Bound prides itself on customer satisfaction and hard work. Our Captains give 110% on EVERY trip to ensure the best results given the current conditions. This is best accomplished simply by being on the water around the clock, sharing info with each other, and knowing where to be and when. We guarantee that your 1st trip with Sound Bound won't be your last.

What's the difference between Open Boat and Private Charter Trips?
Sound Bound Fishing Fleet has many options available when it comes to getting your group of friends and family out fishing. We have numerous boats of different sizes that Sail Daily Day & Night Open to the Public for any species in season. This is our Open Boat option where individuals and groups are welcome.
A Private Charter would consist of your group exclusively. We have vessels that can carry groups of 6, 25, 38, and all the way up to 150 anglers. All Bait & Tackle is included on Private Charters along with Captain and Crew necessary to make your day aboard Sound Bound a success. Private Charters can also be equipped with Food & Drink packages if so desired.

Please keep in mind Private Charters can be booked for ANY duration and for ANY species in Season. Just because you don't see it advertised doesn't mean we can't put it together. Feel free to call (347)843-5310 anytime and we can get you set up.

Do I need to bring my tackle box and rods?
The Sound Bound Fishing Fleet is happy to include all necessary Rods, Reels, Hooks and Sinkers on all trips. While you are welcome to bring and use your own gear, all our boats are outfitted with everything necessary for a day on the water.

Does the Crew clean my catch?
The Sound Bound Crew will be happy to prepare your catch of the day at the end of the trip. Please keep in mind our Top-Shelf Crew is on the boat hours before departure and hours after, ensuring a clean, orderly, and efficient environment on your trip, along with netting your catch, assisting with tangles, setting anchors, and many other duties to ensure your trip is a success. Please be aware they accept gratuity as does anyone else in the service industry. Industry norm is 15-20% depending on level of service.

Can I bring a cooler?
Of course, reasonable sized coolers are welcome aboard to store any Food & Drink you may bring along with ice for your catch.

Are there restrooms available onboard?
All Sound Bound vessels have private fully functional, clean heads aboard.

What clothing is appropriate for my day on the water?
As with any other outdoor activity, dress for comfort and appropriate clothing for the season. Keep in mind in the cooler months it's an average of 10 degrees cooler on the water. In that case, it's better to have more clothes and not need them, than to not have them at all.

Are the boats safe?
All Sound Bound Vessels go through strict and rigorous testing and inspection by the United States Coast Guard. All are equipped with the latest in life-saving equipment and machinery that far surpasses the industry standard. Our Captains are extremely experienced  and well trained to handle any difficulties that may arise on the water. Safety is paramount on the Sound Bound and we continue to grow our impeccable track record in this area Daily.

Do I need experience?
Sound Bound Fishing prides itself in presenting a Family-Friendly, Encouraging atmosphere on our vessels. The Crew will be right by your side assisting in any way necessary. Let them know you're a beginner and you'll feel at home immediately with special treatment to get you started. The youngsters smile the most as they start putting more fish in the buckets than the adults in no time at all. This reputation means more than anything to us at Sound Bound and we plan to carry on the tradition for a long time to come.

Can our trip be designed around our schedule?
Of course, Private Charters are custom designed for your needs and schedule. We offer trips as short as 4 hours and have even had some trips last days during tournaments and special events. Private Charters can be designed to target any species in season, for any group size and duration. Give a call today to discuss your options.